WANTED !!!!!
New Trainers, Assessors & Facilitators

In order for our Branch to remain healthy and strong we need to encourage more members into the roles of Trainers, Assessors and Facilitators.
I strongly suggest each club starts looking for members who may be willing to assist with training and whom can be mentored by the clubs" experienced Trainers & Assessors.
Below is a brief summary to explain the terms T, A & F and to give some information on how you become one.
If you do find someone in your club who is keen please get them to contact me.

What role does a TRAINER have and how do you become one and / or keep this qualification.
A trainer needs to do the Training Officer"s Course which usually is run Friday evening then all day Saturday. The new trainer also needs mentoring by another qualified trainer who will fill in a mentor sheet to show the new trainer is competent.
The new trainer then has to be endorsed by the Education Board.
This qualification is re endorsed every second year by the Director of Education after sighting evidence of currency.
We use the VET Logbook for this - points are given for different activities all of which are shown in the front of the book.

What role does the ASSESSOR have and how do you become one and / or keep the qualification.
An assessor is someone who has completed the Assessor course (2 1/2 days) then undergoes mentoring endorsement and re-endorsement in exactly the same manner as for the Trainer written above.

What role does the FACILITATOR have and how do you become one and or keep the qualification.
A facilitator must have a full TAA award (around 14 weeks part time study) then undergo the same endorsement and mentoring process as for T & As.
Whilst someone with this award would be expected to have a more in depth understanding of the entire VET system the main difference in club land is that a Facilitator is allowed to train and assess his own squad as opposed to a trainer who has to get another assessor to assess his squad.
Certain higher level courses such as defib, spinal and basic Beach Management can only be taught by a Facilitator.

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