Summary of Transition from Advanced ResuscitationCertificate to The new award: Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate (ARTC)

The existing SLSA Advanced Resuscitation Certificate and the Defibrillation Certificate
will cease to exist as a new award from 30th June 2010.

This year Key Actions to be taken 2009/2010 Season

  • Clubs may still deliver and assess the separate ARC & Defib Awards.
  • Conduct ARC & Defib proficiencies as normal.
  • Update existing ARC trainers & assessors to ARTC when the Upgrade Guides become available.
  • Clubs to buy a defib training unit & a suction hand pump.

ARC only holders
Members who do not hold the defibrillation Award but hold ARC should aim to gain the defibrillation award.

Defibrillation only holders
Members who do not hold an ARC Award but who hold the Defibrillation Award should gain their ARC if they wish to remain current in the defibrillation qualification past December 2010.

Next year Arrangements for 2010/2011 Season
The ARC and Defibrillation awards will not be issued as ‘stand alone’ awards from 1st July 2010.  Members seeking these skills need to complete the ARTC.

All ARC holders who wish to remain current will need to complete a defibrillation and suction upgrade. 

Questions and Answers from the full SLSA circular @

Existing award holders
1. When will I need to stop training ARC or Defib Awards?
• You can continue to train and assess the ARC and Defib awards up to 30 June 2010.
From 1 July 2010 you can no longer issue the stand alone ARC and Defib awards.

2. If I have my defibrillation certificate how do I upgrade to ARTC?
• Two possible paths:
a. Maintain proficiency in defib this year, also attain ARC this year, and next year
upgrade to the full ARTC award by completing the suction section of the upgrade.
b. Complete the ARTC award while using your “prior learning” in defib.

3. If I have my ARC Award how do I upgrade to ARTC?
• Complete the upgrade proficiency test in the 2010 ARC proficiency test.

4. If I have my ARC and Defib Award what do I need to do?
• You can do the suction upgrade during the 2010 proficiency test and be upgraded to
the ARTC.

5. What happens if I let my ARC award lapse this year or next year and want to become
proficient again?
• You should do an in-depth proficiency test in 2010 using the upgrade materials or sit
the ART award.