Latest Version: Version 17 - April 2013

Subject: Fwd: Updated Award and Qualification Charts
Date: Tuesday, 7 May 2013 08:12

This update has been necessary due to the latest change in the HLT units
which were implemented in SurfGuard as of 1st May.
Basically all First Aid awards have been updated in SurfGuard to have the latest HLT units as core (superseded versions still available as electives) and updated the Perform CPR unit in the Cert II.
Pre reqs of awards have been updated as required too.
To summarise the main changes are as follows:

  • Silver Medallion Advanced First Aid:
    HLTFA412A Apply advanced first aid is now the core unit.
  • ARTC:
    HLTFA404C Apply advanced resuscitation techniques is now the core unit.
  • Apply Basic First Aid:
    HLTFA211A Provide basic emergency life support and HLTCPR211A Perform CPR are now the core units.
  • Apply (Senior) First Aid:
    HTLFA311A Apply first aid is now the core unit.
  • Resuscitation Certificate:
    HLTCPR211A Perform CPR - note this unit has also been made core in the Bronze Medallion and PUA21010.
  • Provide first aid in remote situation:
    HLTFA302C Provide first aid in remote situation is now core.
  • Manage First Aid in the workplace:
    HLTFA403C Manage first aid in the workplace is now core.

Unfortunately there are issues with the ARTC unit, however we are currently working on a national solution for this which will hopefully be implemented over the next few days.
Perhaps just hold off raising any ARTC assessment requests for a few days until we get the issue sorted.
SLSA are also in the process of uploading the new First Aid and Bronze
Learning materials to the website, and we will let you know when this is completed.

Any questions, please give me a call.


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