FSC Education Newsletter - September 2015

The 2015/16 season took off with a bang with a well attended Education Pre season Meeting hosted by Narooma SLSC.
Thanks must go to Steve Allan and Sue Hunt for all the organization leading up to this day and to Peter who has taken on the role of Assistant DOE.
I personally found it a great way to reconnect with Branch TAFs after my three year break and hope everyone who attended found the day valuable. (If you still have not sent your evaluation from the day to me could you please do so be email ASAP. I have to send these off to State)

The new Academy Volunteer Handbook (replaces old Education SOPS) and 2 quick reference guides were issued at the Preseason Meeting. These resources will give TAFs a very clear summary of Education procedures and policies but if further clarification is required please send me an email or give me a call.

Please note all TAFs can now re endorse online through the member portal, the process is simple for those who satisfy the requirements. For those who have not please contact your CTO or myself for further assistance.

There was a strong consensus from all TAFs that shared training and assessment between clubs would be beneficial in many ways (see full report attached). To make this happen I urge all clubs to have a meeting to discuss your club’s training needs and create a training calendar. If there are courses you need Branch to assist with please let me know asap so I can organize a Branch training calendar and have this posted on the FSC Branch website.

To enable mentoring of new trainers and assessors as well as to facilitate shared assessment days I also need CTOs to create the Form 14 entry into SurfGuard as soon as a course has been set at your club. (You do not have to submit until the course is well on the way so people can be added if necessary) Creating the Form 14 will notify me of an upcoming course so I can invite external assessors or trainers to assist. It will also identify any candidates that do not have the prerequisites to complete the course.

The Member’s Portal should supply TAFs with all the forms and Delivery & Assessment Guides needed to run courses. Please make sure you download the most current forms from the website to ensure your courses are processed quickly.  Remember you need to post me hard copies * of the following 4 forms for every course so that I can complete the award process on SurfGuard which results in the award being issued.

1. A Joining Instruction Letter
2. Training Course Report
3. Final Assessment Sign off sheet (found Candidate’s Assessment portfolio)
4. Individual Participant Evaluation Forms

  • Sorry I would prefer hard copies in the mail to save me printing out so much at home.
    However I am happy for you to send electronically through email if it is urgent.
    (I missed handing out some address labels to clubs at the meeting so if you would like some let me know.)

Clubs also indicated an urgent need for another Trainers Course as well as an Assessors Course. If you have any possible candidates please let me know so I can organize courses when we have enough demand. The location of the courses will be decided upon by where the majority of candidates are travelling from. Every candidate will need a Branch approved mentor to guide them through this process so clubs might like to start thinking about who has the skills and personality to be a good mentor. It is possible the mentor could be from a neighbouring club.

Each club completed Section 1 & 2 of the Educheck at the Pre Season Meeting and were asked to complete the last section back at their clubs. Once this is completed could you please send me a copy (just the last section, I kept copies of section 1&2). The Educheck can be a very powerful tool when planning your club’s future direction so it is worth taking the time to do it well.

Thank you for the enthusiasm and commitment you have shown in the area of Education. I look forward to working with you all again this season.

Michele Bootes
Director of Education FSC Branch